Made in Brooklyn Tours are award-winning neighborhood tours with a "Made in Brooklyn" theme. The stars of the show are crafters and artisans, individuals and small businesses makin' it in Brooklyn. Discover Brooklyn's Industrial Revolution and celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of today's Brooklyn Makers. Tours are designed for small to mid-sized groups for an especially good time together. We walk at a leisurely pace and make frequent stops. No two tours are the same. See who's makin' it in Brooklyn!


Ride in style from Downtown to DUMBO through historic waterfront neighborhoods to see who's makin' it in Brooklyn!

The Made in Brooklyn Bus Tour

Red Hook

Escape to RED HOOK with its spectacular views of New York Harbor to appreciate world class craftsmanship Made in Brooklyn.



Discover DUMBO under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and learn what makin' it in Brooklyn means today.



What are the hipsters of WILLIAMSBURG makin' now? Come to Brooklyn's East River Waterfront and find out.


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