In My Prayers

Like pretty much everyone else, I'm concerned about the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and am equally concerned about the hysteria relating to it. Each of us has their own compelling personal story. Here's mine.

I have a lot of family and friends here and abroad in places like Italy, Australia, Montenegro and Germany who are in my prayers. And I have come to know many others on my tours from all over the world. Italy, where I have many family members, has been in the news alot lately and I'm especially concerned for my family there.

As you can imagine Made in Brooklyn Tours, like the rest of the travel and tourism industry, is negatively impacted and will likely continue to suffer until the situation changes for the better. Although my tours are smaller, I decided to cancel or postpone all Made in Brooklyn Tours for the rest of March. They'll start up again when the situation improves. Sadly, the charity tour I had planned for the benefit of Covenant House has also been postponed.

Thankfully, no one whom I know has been infected by the virus as far as I'm aware. I'm in good health and my (willful) mother, who is in her late '70s, is alright too. May you remain healthy, sane and safe until this situation gets under control.

Yours truly,

Dom Gervasi, Owner & Producer
Made in Brooklyn Tours

This Tour's for Charity

Covenant House Logo

I always wanted to be comfortable enough with my business to do a tour for charity. It's in my nature to give back when I can. After all, the intention behind Made in Brooklyn Tours is to benefit creative people and small businesses. And I always do my best to represent Brooklyn as a good neighbor. Well, the time is right for something like this.

Stayin' Alive

On the Made in Red Hook Tour

On this day in 2011, Made in Brooklyn Tours was officially formed as a business.

After almost a year of development following the end of my employment with a network security systems supplier that had gone belly up, I embarked on a journey that radically changed my life. A passion for travel, love of all things Brooklyn, a deep appreciation for creative people and innovative businesses. These are the ingredients that went into starting a tour operation that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Brooklyn Visions

Dragan at Sky Sat in Montenegro

Aware of my Italian heritage, my webmaster in Montenegro, part of the former Yugoslavia, asked me which late 19th century innovator I liked more: Nikola Tesla, also from the former Yugoslavia, or Guglielmo Marconi from Italy? I get enthusiastic about innovators and entrepreneurs whatever their background, but couldn't help but throw someone in the ring who made his mark in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn to the World

It's been said that Brooklyn is the world, but my business is to export Brooklyn to the world. So, I wondered how to deliver to Italy. Made in Brooklyn Tours already reaches English speaking visitors and is even featured in guidebooks sold in Germany and Denmark where English is widely spoken. But I thought Italy, where English is not so common, would be a fun challenge.

Brooklyn for Italian Tourists